Vans x Carhartt Authentic (review with detailed pics!)

Anyone who slept on these Carhartt Authentics might be disappointed after this review.  It’s no surprise that press pics don’t always show the best attributes of a sneaker, and that words alone won’t determine if a person will buy that shoe, or not.  So many times we hear, “this shoe looks much better in person”, even if the person saying it, is obviously trying to justify their purchase of an unpopular shoe.  I don’t want to tell you that you need this shoe, because it may go with nothing that you wear, or you could care less about wearing Authentics, but I believe that these pics will help you determine if it’s a “must cop”, or an “easy pass”, as the people like to label kicks these days.  A few years back, Carhartt teamed up with Vans, for a Chukka, and a Half Cab, that were constructed in their popular duck canvas material.  I believe the shoe was ahead of the trend for the season it was released, and that’s why it wasn’t an instant seller when it released, even though it was fairly limited.  This time may be different, because the colors chosen for this release, fall right in with the most popular colors that other brands are going with as well.  The timing is right for this release, and I don’t see just Vans collectors, and sneakerheads picking these up.  It’s definitely in the running for top 10 releases of the year, in my book.  Check out the pics, for some nice detailed shots of the suede, and ripstop nylon fabric, as well as the insulated lining that will keep your feet warm when you’re out there sitting in the cold, lined up for that next sneaker release!

TONS more pics after the jump

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