Vans x Fear Of God x Pacsun – Era 95 Reissue (Released This Past Weekend)


So this is a purposefully late post.  I didn’t want to add to any of the hysteria that was sure to ensue with this release, which proved itself to be one of the most wildly popular Vans releases of the year.  The hype was real, and to be expected, as Fear Of God has been this year’s trend setter, and with that came massive queue’s outside a few malls throughout the U.S.  These are the queue’s normally reserved for Jordan 1 and 11 releases, and it took a lot of mall security by storm, and there were stories of the usual fights, back-doored inventory, line cutters, and “not one person in line is wearing Vans” statements.  Whether they’re true or not, it’s these stories that add to the hype, and the insane $400 resell asking price.  I just wanted to acknowledge this release, and give props to Jerry Lorenzo for creating something that got people talking about it, and going crazy over it.

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