Vans x Hello Kitty – Apparel Teaser (Fall/Winter 2012)

I admit, we don’t post up that much information about Vans Girls product, but I do when I feel that it’s something worth sharing.  No doubt, the Hello Kitty collaboration was the best girls release of the past year.  HK fans are just as much of a hype beast as us sneakerheads, and when these two worlds collided, well, it was history in the making.  Well, we are glad to share that the Hello Kitty x Vans collection will be back this year, and this time, they are focusing on apparel.  We have a few teaser shots of a few new items, recently previewed at the Agenda trade show in the LBC, thanks to Highsnobiety.  Seen here is a backpack with Hello Kitty’s face and a “3D” bow, and a few teasers of a few tees.  Stay tuned for more info!

more pics after the jump

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