Vans x In4mation OTW Bedford (A closer look)

Last weekend marked the release of the 3rd and latest collaboration between Vans and In4mation.  We have some new, detailed pics to show you, and hopefully get you off the fence about this release.  This time, CrisUno, aka CrisOne, did us the favor of snapping a few high-res pics, and he also threw on the red laces that came with the In4mation half-cabs that released a few years ago.  Perhaps this subtle change, will show you some of the potential for these shoes.  I also heard from somewhere that there is something underneath the denim paneling, just like the half-cabs, but nobody at the moment, is willing to confirm that, by ripping a hole in their newly acquired Bedfords!  Anyone wanna confirm this myth?  Go and cop from the In4mation web store while you still can!

pics via CrisOne

more pics after the jump

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