Vans x KROQ – Era (Vintage 80s Promotional Giveaway)

One of the greatest things about Vans, is how they were known in their early years for their customizing, and small production runs, which allowed all sorts of people to come to Vans, and ask them to whip up a quick run of shoes for promotional use, or what have you.  In this case, it was legendary rock radio station 106.7 KROQ, here in the Los Angeles, and Orange County area that went to Vans, to create these awesome, unseen promo Vans.  My homie Jim, aka  5150Marley, sent me these pics of his friends late 1980s pair, made in the USA, Vans Era’s, which he had won from KROQ some 20+ years ago.  How dope is that?  Check out all the logos…on the sidewalls, and all over the canvas.  No doubt about it, these are a rare gem, and people will be asking questions!  Thanks Jim!

more pics after the jump

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