Vans x Max Schaaf – Era Pro (available with Ollie Pad!)

Rejoice!  The Max Schaaf Era Pro is now available for purchase with the coveted “ollie pad”!  Many were upset, or downright pissed that their pre-orders for this shoe, came in without the most defining part of the shoe, the rubber ollie pad.  Well, I happen to come across 35th Avenue Skate Shop’s website, and saw that their images of the shoe contained the ollie pad, so I gave them a call, and sure enough, their second shipment came with ollie pads!  They’re not sure if it’s a revision, or if it’s just a fluke, being that multiple factories were commissioned to make these shoes.  Either way, if you’ve been looking for these, call up 35th Avenue at 253-839-5202, and place your phone order, and tell them that OFFTHEWALLSITE sent you!

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