Vans x Odyssey BMX – Authentic “Texas Toast Jam 2012”

Vans has teamed up with Odyssey BMX, out of Austin, Texas, to bring you this awesome Authentic, designed in a red canvas with the Texas Toast Jam logo in an all-over print.  The shoes feature a custom logo on the footbed, as well as on the heel tab.  If you’re in the market for some rare (100 pairs) Red Authentics, and you’re going to be at the Texas Toast Jam on Oct. 13-14th, then try to score a pair of these!  On a side note, has anyone else tried grilled Texas Toast?  Next time you have a bbq, buy a package of the real Texas Toast, not the one with the cheese on top, and take it right out of the frozen box, and throw it on the grill.  Coals or propane.  Toast it up for a few seconds, until some slight charring starts to occur, and bam!  You won’t want it any other way after that!  I Guar-Own-Tee it!  Okay, enough already.

Peep more pics after the jump!

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