Vans x Opening Ceremony x René Magritte – Authentic (Spring 2014)


Words via Hypebeast:

“As a nod to the brand’s year in Belgium, Opening Ceremony has teamed up with the Magritte Foundation to create a collection of “wearable art” as a nod to one of the country’s greatest artists: René Magritte. Using the Vans Authentic as a canvas, the footwear collection displays classic Magritte pieces of surrealism, including The Blow to the Heart, Good Connections, The Ladder of Fire, Sheherazade, and The King’s Museum. All five pairs are available to pre-order online now and are set for a release this May.

I want to put this out there for you all.  Take it or leave it.  It’s just my personal experience with Opening Ceremony:  Awhile back I had placed a pre-order for the Kenzo Grape Authentics, and then again on their webstore when they released.  After waiting for the shoes for about 3 weeks, I finally went to contact them (and this happened on two separate orders!), and their excuses were “oh, we ran out of stock” and “we can’t seem to find that shoe, so we had to give you a refund”.  I can understand that limited and hyped up shoes sell out, but at least have the common courtesy to let us know that you cancelled our orders.  We could’ve tried other places to get our shoes!  Happened to other Under The Palms forum members on other releases as well, and we are a tiny group!  Check their NYC Yelp reviews, and you’ll see other random people with similar experiences.  Not saying this will happen to you, but if it does, comment here, and tell us your experience with them!

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