Vans x Primitive – “Cable Knit” Half Cab (Coming Soon!)

Check it out, check it out!  Primitive’s very first Vans collab is due out very soon, by way of this classy looking Half Cab.  Primitive went with a cable knit wool material found on your favorite beanie or ugly Christmas sweater, but somehow made it acceptable and cool looking.  That’s right.  Cool looking.  What other Vans shoe can you think of, that utilized a cable knit material?  I can’t.  The shoe is covered in a clean looking gray suede material, with a black inner lining and tongue tag. There’s also a Primitive logo on the rubber heel tab as well.  One main focal point of this shoe though, has got to be the metal Half Cab plate on the side of the shoe, which all of us here at OTWS are stoked to see on the final production model, as a lot of details like this get left in the dust, to cut costs, or appease professional skaters who don’t want their shoe altered in any way, *cough, cough*!  And last, but not least, as every collaboration project should have, an accessory will be accompanying each pair, in the form of a cable knit beanie that has the Vans skateboard logo, with the words “On The Blvd” inside it, one of Primitive’s well-known trademark quotes, referencing Ventura Blvd., where they reside at, in Encino, CA.  What, did you think you were getting a cardigan?!  Well done Primitive!  Now…if only we could work out some sort of special reservation list for all of us over here at OTWS!  Oh, and thanks Mr. Andy Netkin, for always hash tagging your Vans pics on Instagram with #OTWS, which all of you should do whenever you post up anything Vans related!  That’s how it shows up on our Instagram feed located in the upper right corner.  You support us, and we support you back!

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