Vans x Santa Cruz – Authentic Cruiser Deck

Check out this awesome Authentic Cruiser Board designed by Vans and  Santa Cruz skateboards.  Cut from the profile of a Vans Authentic sneaker, with the respective top and bottom print on each side of the deck.  It’s such a simple design, but damn it’s so dope!  It’s even got a signature red heel tab on the back edge!  Word first got around about this board, on Instagram, and there was a lot of speculation as to whether it was going to be strictly for promotional use, or if it was going to be an actual item for sale, and I’m here to deliver the good news that this is definitely a production item, and in fact a few are showing up around local Vans stores here in SoCal!  They’re only available as a complete, and the price is a pretty penny, at $129.99 + tax, but take into consideration that this is a Santa Cruz board, with OJ III Hot Juice Orange 60mm 78a wheels, and KRUX 8″ trucks, and that it’s not just some cheap generic item.  I won’t tell you where I got mine at, but put in some work and you’ll find yours as well!  Good luck, and happy hunting!

tons more pics after the jump

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