Vans x Skateboarder Magazine – Capsule Collection (Preview!)

Translated via FreshNGood:

“Here’s a first look at one of the most consistent, and therefore more interesting, Vans collaborations seen so far:  the one with the first skate magazine in history, Skateboarder Magazine.

Introduced in 1964 as a spin-off of surf magazines of the period, Skateboarder Magazine had many ups and downs over the past 48 years but remains historically the first medium that contributed to the visibility and culture of skateboarding, especially since the mid-70s with the the first real generation of skateboarders, aka the Zephyr Team of Dogtown (who were famously sponsored by Vans).

Sharing the same era of the ’60s and Orange County, California, and many glorious memories, the team of Skateboarder Magazine and Vans have finally worked this year to build a mini-collection consisting of shoes and clothing. The shoes are three models related to the Heritage brand – the Era, the ’77 Mid Skool, and the Old Skool – replicated according to their original designs and colors, and the clothing consists of shirts, sweatshirts and accessories with the same colors as the shoes and the two logos together.

All this is part of the upcoming Fall 2012 collection from Vans, due out in late Summer and we’ll show you in detail shortly. stay tuned.”

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