Vans x Solebox – Old Skool (recent pickups!)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted up some of my recent pickups, but I figured my latest one was worth sharing with you all.  The Old Skool you are looking at here, was designed by Hikmet from Solebox, the premier sneaker boutique in Berlin, Germany.  You’re looking at one of only 60 pairs produced, and I was fortunate to get them from Erwin, one of our OTWS members who picks up about as much stuff as Samcolt12 it seems!  He’s from the Netherlands, so he has more opportunities to come across rare gems like these, than us stateside Vans enthusiasts.  Join our forums, and you too will meet awesome people like him, who may one day help you find that rare piece you’ve been dying to add to your collection!  Thanks for letting me check off one of my holy grails, Erwin!

more pics after the jump

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