Vans x Supreme MC “Mike Carroll” Comparison (by @jacobmontana)

OTWS member jacobmontana is the unofficial spokesperson for the Mike Carroll signature Vans shoe.  He has somehow amassed every single original colorway of the OG, “made in the USA” models, and when Supreme released the MC last year, you can imagine the backflipping and fist pumps that were going on in front of his computer when he got the news.  Well, fast forward to two weeks ago, and another surprise MC release was dropped on us, this time in a few OG colorways, as well as some more current, “Supreme-esque” colors.  Perhaps that’s why this release sold much more quickly.  Who am I kidding?  It’s because of the Supremies!  (copyrighted…jk).  Well enough of that.  Jacobmontana has taken some time out to give us a quick comparison of the OG and the Supreme version.  The first thing you may notice, is the shape.  I guess Vans didn’t have an original to work with, because the material overlap, and the stitching seem to not really match.  It’s as if it was reconstructed based off of photos or a drawing.  It’s close, but no cigar!  Of course, the vulcanized rubber is different as well, since the originals were crafted in the USA and a different rubber compound was utilized back then.  For the most part, that’s it.  I’m still grateful that we get to even own a “retro” if you will, of one of the most sought after OG Vans, and it’s all thanks to Supreme and Vans.  Big thanks to jacobmontana for sharing some pics for all of us!

more pics after the jump

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