Vans x Supreme – MC “Mike Carroll signature” Nubuck (Review!)

It has been a long damn time since I’ve given a Vans sneaker review.  I wish I had a great excuse, but I don’t.  Perhaps it’s been the lack of new pickups lately.  Perhaps it’s because there hasn’t been a release in awhile, worthy of one.  Who knows?  Well I’m proud to announce that all of my hard earned money, was spent on all four colorways of the latest Supreme x Vans drop!  What?  Is that a surprise?  It’s Supreme…they don’t need to hook anybody up with stuff.  I mean, they hook up friends, but let’s just say that that’s a pretty small circle that many would give their left nut to be in.  Me on the other hand, I just love Vans, and I love OTWS.  I don’t necessarily love you guys, but I do like you guys, and that’s why I spend time keeping you all informed about all things Vans!  You stay interested in Vans, and I’ll stay interested in providing info for you all.  Deal?  Deal.

Anyways, here’s the latest Supreme collaboration with Vans.  This release blindsided everybody in our Vans community, because we were expecting a few other releases that matched the apparel from this season.  The majority of us were stoked to see that Supreme had designed another set of Mike Carroll’s, this time using suede nubuck as the material of choice, and offering them up in some more traditional Supreme colorways: Black, White, Red, and Blue.  They’re perfect…well except for one major gripe from me.  The ankle collar padding!  What’s with the cardboard-like stiffness huh?  Is this going to be the new standard?  It’s the same padding that is being used on the 20th Anniversary Half Cabs in case you need a comparison.  It feels sort of like there’s some type of memory foam in there, but I’m still skeptical that there’s any technological benefit to it, and that it’s rather just a cheaper production method.  I would like an explanation please!  That’s my only real issue with the shoe.  Other than that, the shoe is great.  Even the softness of the colors are fine with me.  The press pics from Supreme shown these as being a deep red, and blue, but my detailed high-res pics will let you be the judge of that.

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tons more pics after the jump!

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