Vans x Supreme – Old Skool 92 (A Closer Look!)

Next up, is the Supreme Old Skool for Spring/Summer 2011.  We only have a review for the white/red pair at the moment, but honestly, it’s the only colorway that may have any discrepancies from the press photos.  Every other color looks exactly the same as what you’ve seen online.  This white pair, however, seems to have more of a contrast between the pure white mesh, and the cream-colored suede, and that’s why I dug into my lace box, and pulled out some red Old Skool laces, that seem to fit the style much better.  THERE ARE NO RED LACES PROVIDED WITH THESE FROM SUPREME!…but they do come with black alternate laces.  These do not have removable sockliners, so fitment is the same as the Supreme snakeskin Old Skools, if you have those for reference, or any general release Old Skool.  These pics should help anyone get off that undecided fence!

more pics after the jump

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