Vans x Supreme – Seylynn “S” (Spring/Summer 2014 Official Review!)


I really need to hand it to our UTP fam for knowledge of this release.  Our member Wolfstrice09 stumbled across a Supreme LA employee’s IG account that had a picture of these Seylynn’s on it, stating that they were in at the shop.  Wolfs’ tagged me in the photo, and asked if I knew anything about them, and I did!  They were leaked about a year ago on a Vans employee’s IG feed (recognizing a pattern here?), stating that they were going to be an upcoming Supreme release.  Well, fast-forward about a year and some months, and look what secretly showed up!  Supreme has dropped the Seylynn “S” in store, without any prior news release or official launch.  Sound familiar?  Remember back when they dropped the Zero Lo “S” in Navy?  It was an unofficial drop as well, however word spread to a few major blogs at the time.  This time, nothing!  Which made it nice for me, as I was able to stroll in about 3 days later and pick up my pairs.  As most of you know, the Seylynn is the same shoe as the Zero Lo, and there’s no understanding why the name was changed around the time that 8FIVE2 released their Seylynn “S” collab with Vans Syndicate.  There’s also another anomaly with this Supreme release.  These were produced in 2012, as it shows on the box label, around the same time that the 8FIVE2 version came out.  Perhaps there was a factory minimum?  Who knows!  All we know is that Supreme sat on them for a few years.  There are 3 colors, black, red, and blue.  I chose to pick up just the red and blue, as the black is identical to the OG Zero Lo “S” which I already have.  The inside lining is red leather, like most Supreme Vans, and there is a Supreme logo stamped in gold foil, along with the Luke Meier graphics that are on all Zero Lo’s.  These are awesome, and classy.  Get on down to Supreme, to see what they have left.  I imagine they are highly limited, and definitely worth adding to your Vans collection.


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