Vans x Yo Gabba Gabba! (Muno’s video)

Vans’ collaboration project with Nickelodeon and their cartoon show Yo Gabba Gabba! is finally available for purchase on their webstore, and local Vans stores, and they’ve released these awesome videos to help promote the release. Co-creator Christian Jacobs got together with fellow director Jason Devilliers and producer Nate Rogers, to create a series of 5 videos of each of the 5 Gabba Land characters, each reppin’ a different action sports category.  Trust me, these are really dope videos!

First up, is Muno!

Commentary from Highsnobiety:

“Muno – Muno explores the streets of Los Angeles via skateboard a la iconic segments from the Bones Brigade Video Show. The short features the same music, “Nite Cruiser 2″ by the Dragons, from the legendary part in the video.”

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