Vault by Vans – OG Style 238 LX (Feb. 2018)


Accompanying the OG Old Skool LX’s for this month’s OG Vault release, we also get these amazing OG Style 238 LX’s aka the Native American.  These take you back to the late 80’s to early 90’s.  Beefed up with extra protection, the Style 238 was designed with the vert and pool skaters in mind, and featured a rubber toe cap, and rubberized ollie pad.  Since Long Beach’s very own Vault by Vans dealer Proper’s reintroduction of the shoe about a decade ago, the Style 138 has only popped up a few times, most notably with the Supreme versions, which took inspiration from original colorways from the old Vans Made In The USA archive.  These are a nice addition to that legacy, and the color and suede/canvas material combo makes them look like they are right from that same era.  Great job with these, Vans designers!  Once again, thank you General Admission for the pics!

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