Vault x Ludwig Van “Mary Jane – sz12” (Wolfstrice09’s new pickup!)

So the other day, Thane (Wolfstrice09) hit me up, asking me if he could have something delivered to me, to send to him, due to shipping prices by the seller of a particular item.  I had no idea what it was yet.  Naturally, I was suspicious, and raised a few concerns, and eventually he gave in, and let me know what he had coming.  He got the ONLY pair of size 12, Mary Jane Era’s from the Ludwig Van collection!!!  May I remind you, there are only 5 pairs of this shoe in existence, and only one of each size, so this is a definite one of a kind, collector’s piece.  Thane had spoke with Mike Dytri, from Ludwig Van, about purchasing these, and supposedly made him an offer, and they agreed on a deal.  Smash cut to today, and Mike was knocking on my door, personally delivering these gems!  I feel like such an ass for not introducing myself at the Conveyor party, so he could be like “oh, it’s you!”  but I’m not one of those guys, to just walk up to people I don’t know, especially when all their friends are there celebrating the release with him!  I can’t believe nobody bought these from the Ludwig Van webstore, either!  The $420 price tag was a decent deal, for arguably, the best pattern in the entire series!  I’m just glad I got to physically touch a pair of them, let alone my size, as well!  Don’t worry Wolfs, I didn’t try them on!  Anyways, nobody else from OTWS deserves these more than Thane, because he has every pattern offered in a sz12 of the Ludwig Van project, and this is just the icing on the cake.  Congrats homie!

OTWS Exclusive pics

tons more closeup shots after the jump

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