Vintage Vans – Crescent Island Collection (A look back!)

Our friends in the UK, over at The Other Side of the Pillow,  a shop that specialize in vintage products, always seems to amaze me with their vintage made in the U.S.A. Vans that they come across.  I learn a lot from other Vans collectors, resellers, curators, enthusiasts, or whatever they are classified under!  Their latest offering is of a rare collection from Vans, known as the Crescent Island Collection.  Focused primarily on luxury, there is an attention to detail of the materials and colors, which was totally on the opposite side of the spectrum of the skateboard influences of the late 80s, with their bright colors, and street punk wearing high-tops.  These were for the fashion forward personality types.  Those who understood fine quality, and cutting edge fashion.  You’ll find that most of the models in this collection are constructed with corduroy, denim, velvet, or suede, in rich earthtone colors, as well as antique brass eyelets, pigskin trim, and coordinated cord laces.  This was the Vans Vault, and Vans California collections, for that era.  I was definitely surprised to see that Vans had this vision early on, and I’m glad that I have an outlet to share this with the rest of you Vans heads!

To see which pairs are available for purchase, check out the entire feature over on The Other Side of the Pillow blog, and shoot them an email if you’re interested in anything they have for sale!  Tell them Guamstyles sent you, from OTWS!

a few more vintage ad pics after the jump

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