Waffurusōru “An Artistic Exhibition Of Vans Sneaker Culture” (OTWS’ Event Recap)



(Rich, Me, Jayski, and Paul Daniels holding his Christian Hosoi portrait.  It’s for sale.  Email him at info@pauldanielsart.com)

Wow.  What a fucking awesome event that transpired last Thursday!  I had to just walk away from the blog, and just sit back and reflect on this shit a little bit.  I’m not even sure I’m prepared to write out everything my mind wants to say, while I sit here at 1 AM in front of my computer.  I know y’all been waiting for an update.  Some pics.  Anything!  I hope you’ve been checking out the #waffurusoru hashtag feed on Instagram, because there’s over 300 photos, all documenting the event.  It was more than any of us could’ve ever imagined it to be, and we owe it to the artists for making it happen.  Thank you all.  We hope you stay in touch, and continue to provide awesome art for any future events.  There were 49 artists in all, some contributing more than one piece, so we definitely had the walls busting at the seams with some dope Vans related art.  There was so much diversity, and style for days.  If you didn’t know it already, that’s the essence of Vans, and they don’t just cater to athletes, hipsters, or sneakerheads.  They cater to everybody, perhaps even your grandparents.  My Dad’s a grandparent, and he wears Vans on the daily!  I’m proud of what has been created here with this event, and I knew it was going to be something special.  I just didn’t know it was going to be more than that.

I wanna thank Yojie for allowing us to utilize them, and their space, and their network as well.  Together, we Voltron’d this motherfucka!  Our supporters came through and allowed us to give away some great stuff to our attendees, while others made product specifically for our event!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you!!! Our exclusive Silver/Purple “Bones” snapback was a hit, and we have listed up a few remaining ones for sale on our OTWS webstore.  We will also list up some remaining prints when I can, for those of you who couldn’t be in attendance, but wanted to grab a piece from the show.  Keep checking back for those!

I have a ton of photos to share with y’all, and I wanted to seriously caption most of them, but there’s over 100, so I said fuck it.  Just enjoy the photos, and hopefully we can do one in your neck of the woods one day, with your local skate or shoe shop!  Spread the word about us, and help us keep moving forward!  Thanks! -Guamstyles

huge gallery after the jump


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