WDYWT: Everyone From The Past Few Days!

chrisVH (Vans Vault x CLOT Era)

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erwin (Vans Vault LVEVL Half Cab)

chrisVH (OTW x In4mation Bedford)

erwin (Syndicate x Julien Stranger Era)

Crimson Ghost (Syndicate x Jason Jessee “notchback” Sk8-Hi)

sug1 (OG Vault Old Skool)

fre3z (Syndicate x W)Taps “Burgundy Bones” Era)

DJGuamstyles (Vault x Blends “10th Anniversary” Sk8-Hi Zip LX)

Vandol (Syndicate Authentic 69 Pro “S”)

MallyMall7 (C&P Zapato Del Barco)

Derek (Syndicate x Suicidal Tendencies Era)

RuDe-oNe (Vault x Blends “10th Anniversary” Sk8-Hi Zip LX)

Sjohnnnn (Syndicate x Steve Olson V79)

erwin (Holden Sk8-Hi)

skorone (Utility Board Supply x Max Schaaf “4Q Conditioning” Sk8-Mid Pro)

skorone (Syndicate 005 x W)Taps “Navy Crossbones” Era)

erwin (Vault “Vaya Con Dios” Sk8-Hi)

RuDe-oNe (Supreme PCL Sk8-Hi)

Vandol (Syndicate x Mike Hill Authentic)

skorone (Supreme Old Skool Zero 92)

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