WDYWT: Everyone From The Past Few Days!

Vandol (Syndicate x AVE Old Skool “S”)

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Nurizat (YOTS Old Skool – Turquoise)

Nurizat (Vault x Horween “Brushed Camo” Sk8-Mid)

Erwin (Vault x Blends “10th Anniversary” Sk8-Hi Zip LX)

chrisVH (GR Red Authentic)

SlipOnFiend (Vault “Schaffer’s Pack” Sk8-Hi LX)

reistlust (Syndicate 005 x W)Taps Sk8-Hi “S” Navy Crossbones)

nurizat (Supreme PCL Era)

Vandol, Rescobot, and a friend (Syndicate 003, 005, 018 x W)Taps Crossbones)

nurizat (X-Large “Fruit & Tiger Camo” Old Skool)

Crimson Ghost (Syndicate x Gabe Morford Half Cab “S”)

SlipOnFiend (Vault x Robert Williams Slip-On)

nurizat (YOTS snakeskin Old Skool – Yellow)

Erwin (Syndicate x John Cardiel x Pendleton Old Skool “S”)

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