WDYWT: Everyone From The Past Few Days!

Erwin (Syndicate “Ranchero” Half Cab “S”)

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mayimbe181 (Syndicate x Supreme Zero Lo “S”)

SlipOnFiend (Vault Premio Sk8-Hi – Burgundy)

Nurizat (Syndicate x CarharttWIP Old Skool “S” Camo)

Nexustree (Vault x Taka Hayashi Horween Derby Trek LX)

Erwin (Vault “Aloha” Sk8-Hi LX)

Mayimbe181 (Syndicate x Odd Future Old Skool “S” Camel)

SlipOnFiend (Grosso 3 Sk8-Hi Vert Pro)

TreatNHerRight (Hiker Authentic)

TreatNHerRight (Syndicate Authentic Pro 69 “S”)

Nexustree (Vault Horween Era LX)

SlipOnFiend (Grosso 2 Sk8-Hi Vert Pro)

Nexustree (Supreme Bleached Denim Era)

Erwin (Vault x Horween Mtn. Edition LX)

TreatnHerRight (California x DQM Era CA Woven)

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