WDYWT: Everyone From The Past Few Weeks! (pt.2)

mayimbe181 (California Washed Paisley Era CA)

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Vandol (Syndicate x AVE/Dill AV Sk8-Low)

rescobot (Syndicate “Ballistic” Sk8-Hi)

Vandol (Syndicate x AVE Old Skool Pro 92)

rescobot (Syndicate Present Camo Mid Skool)

Vandol (Syndicate x W)Taps Devils Sk8-Hi)

rescobot (Syndicate x W)Taps Sk8-Mid “S”)

SlipOnFiend (Syndicate x Concepts “Combat Zone” Sk8-Hi Pro “S”)

Vandol (Syndicate x W)Taps “Burgundy Bones” Sk8-Hi)

LV_1790 (Syndicate x Julien Stranger Era Pro “S”)

rescobot (Syndicate 005 x W)Taps “Navy Crossbones” Sk8-Hi)

Vandol (Syndicate 003 x W)Taps “Crossbones” Sk8-Hi)

rescobot (Syndicate x CarharttWIP Old Skool “camo”)

AND123W (Syndicate “Hemp” Half Cab Navy)

Erwin (Syndicate x Suicidal Tendencies – Era – Navy)

Vandol (Syndicate 005 x W)Taps – Sk8-Hi “Navy Crossbones”)

Vandol (Syndicate x Jason Dill snakeskin Authentic)

TreatNHerRight (California x DQM – Era Woven CA)

jacobmontana (OG MadeInUSA Mike Carroll signature model)

AND123W (OG MadeINUSA Mike Carroll signature model)

Nexustree (Syndicate x CarharttWIP Old Skool “CAMO”)

Nexustree (Vault x Horween Era LX)

Nexustree (Supreme snakeskin Old Skool)

Nexustree (Vault x Brooks – Era LX)

Nexustree (Syndicate x W)Taps Burgundy Bones Chukka)

chrisVH (YOTS Old Skool “turquoise)

Nurizat (Kenzo leopard camo Authentic)

Erwin (Vault x Mooneyes Sk8-Hi LX)

chrisVH (FittedHI “Kala” Era Pro)

Erwin (Vault x Diemme Montebelluna Hi – Navy)

Nurizat (Vans California x DQM “I Heart NY” Authentic)

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