Win A Free Pair of Vans Customs! ( #otwscustoms )

Update 8/20:

All votes are tallied, and here’s the results!

1st place – @traviiclause with 528 likes

2nd place – @ryanresco with 325 likes

3rd place – @sensualhotsauce with 209 likes

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!  We also have to thank all of the fine folks who stuck with us, and didn’t unfollow us on Instagram during this crazy contest.  We’re back to our awesome selves again, so come on back and follow us to see some seriously awesome Vans kicks!!!

Offthewallsite is proud to bring to you, our very first contest for all of our readers and followers.  Vans has chosen us to help promote their Vans Customs program, and to also help spread the word on their new selection of colors and patterns, and the addition of the Authentic and Authentic LP (Low-Pro) to their lineup.  Right now Vans is offering free ground FedEx shipping when you spend $65, so why not utilize that on a pair of sick new customs!  If you didn’t already know, Vans has added Leopard, Zebra, and Green Camouflage to the material list!  Don’t sleep!  Vans is going to allow us to give away one free pair of Vans Customs, to one lucky winner, by way of a contest that we create.  This has taken some thought, and we feel that the most awesome, unique, and fair way to do this is by utilizing Instagram.  We will receive each participants submission, in which you can share your design that you create on the Vans Customs website with us through email.  I will then screen-shot each person’s submission, and then it will be up to the Instagram public to decide on the best design.  Search #otwscustoms on Instagram, and vote on the ones you like!  The design with the most likes, wins.  2nd place will win a Vans iphone4 case, and 3rd place will get an OTWS ARMY tee.  So get your friends to vote on your submissions to help your chances at winning, and good luck!  Open to everyone world-wide.  If Vans won’t ship outside the USA, the shoes can be shipped to us, and we can ship them internationally.  One submission per Instagram account!


Step 1 – Go to the, choose your shoe of choice, and build it.

Step 2 – Share it by email with, and reference your Instagram name (including the “@”) as your name, and your email in the notes (refer to example below).  Also note, that we’ve discovered some difficulty getting the entire “share by email” window to pop up on the first try, so just close it and click “share” again, and it should fully pop up.

(We will post your design on @offthewallsite’s Instagram, and hashtag #otwscustoms to track them all.  We won’t hashtag bomb the posts, so hopefully we can get a true OTWS contest, with no hashtag lurkers stumbling upon your submissions.  We encourage you to repost our photo of your submission by taking a screen shot of it on your phone, but only the votes on our post will count, not the one on your account!)

The contest will run until Friday 8/31, 2012 at 12:00 midnight Pacific Date Time, or until I feel like stopping it due to an overwhelming success!


Here’s what a submission will appear like on Instagram:

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