WTAPS x Vans Syndicate Blackflag & Supreme Exclusive Mountain Boots & SK8-MID

Not to beat a dead horse, or anything, but once again, there is slightly new info regarding the Japan-exclusive Syndicates due out this month.  Words via Hypebeast, cause they’ve said it best:

“WTAPS and Vans Syndicate’s 2010 fall/winter collection were previously seen as it included SK8-Mids and Authentics. However two new styles are destined as retailer exclusives with a Mountain Boot and SK8-MID style. The Mountain Boot as the name suggests features hiking sensibilities in two colors while the SK8-MID is seen in leopard skin and sheepskin lining. The SK8-MIDs will be a Blackflag Tokyo exclusive, while the Mountain Boots will be available at Blackflag, Hoods and Supreme. A release is slated for December 11th.”

info from Honeyee

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