Yo @nicekicks! Your shipping dudes been slippin’ lately!

I felt that some public awareness might go a long way with this, since it’s happened like 3 times already, to 3 different OTWS forum members, and perhaps to many more of you blog readers out there.  The homie Daniel (akamedaniel) recently took advantage of the Nice Kicks 31% off Halloween sale, by ordering a pair of Vault Palm Leaf Era’s in Black, and instead he got a Sk8-Hi in Black.  Ok, so you’re gonna fulfill an order with a similar color, but an entirely different shoe, and think it’s going to be okay?  Mistakes happen, but when they happen to 3 different people, from the same tiny message forum for Vans sneakers, then that says a lot.  Either you got some disgruntled employees, who don’t give half a fuck about their job, or they’re just on some good shit.  Some really good shit, that makes them not know the difference between a damn low top Vans Era, and a high-top Sk8-Hi.  VANS PUTS THE DAMN PICTURE OF THE SHOE ON THE BOX!!!  These two shoes came in two entirely different sized boxes as well!  I’m sorry.  If you can’t pull inventory correctly, then you are a risk to your company.  Luckily, this hasn’t ever happened to any of my orders from Nice Kicks, but with the multiple strikes on them, and their lack of urgency to correct the issues, I had to speak for others.  Perhaps they’ll take it serious enough, from little ‘ol OTWS over here.

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